Saturday, February 28, 2009

People Really Like To Say Fuck

Oh, did I say that?
I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe that people still talk like that. I mean, I’ve been counting, and the word ‘Fuck’ has been used, to date, 357 trillion, 452 billion, 617 million, 732 thousand, 5 hundred and 14 times. And that’s not even counting me using it in the title of this blog, or in this sentence. At what point does a word just get used up? I mean, the word is as meaningless these days as the word ‘bi-partisan’, but everybody still keeps using it. ‘Damn’ has more impact now than ‘Fuck’ does, basically because you never hear the word ‘Damn’ anymore. Too moderate. And actually, ‘Damn you’ has a more permanent implication than ‘Fuck you’ ever did. ‘God damn you’ is the ultimate curse really. But we don’t hear that either.

Kids say ‘Fuck’ to check other people’s reaction, and to help determine their own parent’s boundaries. Teens say it to act savvy, experienced, in the know, to express their independence, or just to get attention. Parents say it so their kids will think they’re cool. But the kids don’t think they’re cool, the kids think they’re idiots. The kids think the parents are stealing their words. Funny, the parents don’t want the kids using those ‘adult’ words, and the kids don’t want their parents using those ‘kid’ words. Females seem to use it as a sign of their personal liberation. Liberation from what? Decency?

Many movies consist of nothing more than contrived intensity and the word ‘Fuck’. Makes them gritty, cutting edge, ‘real’. The more people you have saying ‘Fuck’ in the movie, the more realistic it’s considered to be. Some movies just have one guy saying it, but he says it a lot, all the time really. He says it every way the word can be said. I often wonder if the director is expounding intellectually upon the writers original script, or if the scriptwriter had just run out of language. I don’t know, maybe the actor forgets his lines, and the director says “Listen, if you forget a line, just say ‘Fuck’.” Who would know?

Hey, I think it’s time to move on. We’ve been stuck on ‘Fuck’ for way too long. I think we should throw a ‘sayonara’ party, an international event to put the word to rest. We could co-ordinate it over the inter-net. We could encourage everybody in the world to, at a certain time on a specific day, in unison, and in every different language, stand up from what we’re doing and just say “Fuck”.
Twice if we need to.

And be done with it.

Then we could move on to more important words,
like ‘ranunculaceous’.