Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Know, I Promised

I know, I promised ‘no more politics’. And I’m sorry, but. . . . . .

David Axelrod, the President’s Senior Advisor says that “Shovel-ready projects are the key to the stimulus package”.

OK, we’re going to flood the nation with construction jobs, getting the infrastructure built back up to par and putting people back to work. That would be a good thing.
But let’s see now, when the construction jobs dried up with our economic crash, the illegal immigrants who were actually working those jobs fled back home to Mexico. So now that money is going to be made available again for construction jobs, I guess that means they’ll be flooding back into the United States to take these jobs so they can resume sending the wages back to their families in Mexico.
And exactly how does that benefit the American people?

Oh, I get it, the President will make them all American citizens.
Yes, and that would also assure that they, and their families, vote ‘Democratic’ for the next several generations. Of course.

But hey, that’s better than actually buying votes, don’t you think?
I’m really growing to love this Country. We’re getting so clever.

Of course, some of my readers will consider me racist, or even worse in their eyes, Republican, for suggesting such a thing. But I have this funny habit of ‘seeing what is there’, rather than ‘seeing what I wish were there’. Can’t help it.

And, have you noticed how Nancy Pelosi, and the Secretary of the Treasury, and a lot of those guys are in Europe trying to ‘fix’ (their word, not mine) the ‘Global’ Economy? Fix is right, folks. The fix is in.
(finger to lips) Sssshhhh.

Now, as I’ve always said. . . . . . . “No more politics”.