Friday, February 13, 2009

My Last Thoughts On Politics

You might want to Google ‘Mars warming’, ‘Jupiter warming’, ‘Pluto warming’, or any other planet in our Solar System. Maybe even ‘Solar cycle’ or ‘Solar activity’. Google ‘Historical global warming’ if you dare.

Have you begun noticing yet how many different ways they have been finding to take your money under the auspices of ''global warming' or even better, 'Green'?

Al Gore has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, an Academy Award, a Grammy award, an Emmy award, the NAACP Chairman award, the Freedom award (likening his global warming BS to the African Americans struggle for freedom), and a myriad of other awards too numerous to mention, just because the poor little spoiled rich kid didn’t get to be president. I’ve never witnessed such crap in my lifetime. I think whoever handed out these awards needs to be made ‘a ward’ of the State. They are obviously incapable of separating idolatry, and ideology, from reality. When are we finally going to reject these paper gods, this fraud, deceit, foolishness and greed in favor of, oh, I don’t know . . . . . . . honesty and accountability?

My last words on social politics. It’s become too corrupt, and too filthy, to even pay attention to anymore. From now on, with my blogs, I’ll be commenting on that which is true, and that which is honorable, like. . . . . oh. . . . . uh. . . . . ummm. . . . . . . hmmm. . . . . . let me see. . . . . . . . . damn, there must be something!