Monday, February 2, 2009


Alright, I’m not talking about breast implants, chest implants, cheeks, lips, calves, pecks, or behinds. I’m talking about micro-chips. You know it’s where things are going, just like you knew that cameras were going to be everywhere once we let them install that first one on the stoplight, or in the mall, or in the downtown area for ‘security’. We all stood around and held our tongues, too comfortable to protest the government intrusion into our privacy. Now look where we are, camera’s taking pictures of us taking pictures of pigeons in the park, or whatever we do on our vacations. Cameras watching us pump our gas, pick up our fast food, or drive through our own neighborhood. Cameras blinking at the entry of every building, school, parking lot, park, or playground. Cameras winking at you while you get your money from the local ATM, while you sit in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, and while you check in at an out-of-town hotel. You also see the cameras in the hotel hallways, but does anybody out there NOT wonder if there’s a camera in the room also? Sure you do. And if the hotel management didn’t put one there, some bored night shift guy probably did. There are cameras in some cars now to monitor the behavior of teen-age drivers. Gee, I wonder where it goes from there. Maybe I need monitoring while I drive too.

But hey, this is not about cameras, the proliferation of cameras is just really about preparing all of us for implants. That’s right, implants. Just as the inundation of cameras began with ‘security’, making us all scared of terrorists, and of shadows, and of the dark, and of muggers, and Mother F***ers trying to kidnap or molest our kids, the implant thing has begun it’s fear campaign as well. It started off with animals. Don’t want to lose your dog, do you? You’ll need an identity implant, comes with the license and vaccinations. People are stealing dogs, y’know? Or what if it gets lost and can’t find it’s own way home? Moved on to children. That’s right, don’t want to lose your kid, do you? Wander away at the mall, get taken from your house, or car, or get lost on his own? Better get him ‘identity implanted’ so we can locate him, and get him back to you if you lose him. Kids will need to get implants to get into school, or to get medical care, or to be claimed as dependents on your taxes. It’s already begun happening folks. Congress is already discussing moving to a medical-record implant for people so that ‘in case of an accident’ the hospital can quickly access your medical history. Oh, they’ll give you all kinds of logical reasons why it’s a good thing. Fear again. And they’re going to sell us on it. They ARE going to sell us on it. It will begin as voluntary, as it already has with the animals and kids, and it will quickly move to mandatory. Within a very short time we’ll need to be implanted to access our bank accounts, receive social security payments, get paychecks, tax refunds, drivers licenses, insurance, medical attention, and on and on and on. The requirement will probably be instituted on the back of some larger ‘National Security’ thing, like identifying citizens from illegals, or we’ll be convinced to participate in it in order to embrace the new ‘global economy’ (to be able to buy or sell stuff). We’ll allow it because it will seem like the prudent thing to do. I know what I’m talking about friends. I sat in on the International Corporate Board meetings for Visa (the credit card company) back in the late 70’s. Even back then, they were having serious discussions about moving away from plastic (credit cards), and using Laser (invisible) Tattoos to be scanned to access bank accounts, and to exchange money for goods. It was all very hush-hush while the tattoos were being tested on some employees in the Visa system. Today we are scanning credit cards at check-out, but very soon, because of fraud/security ‘issues’ we will move to the implants. It will be a way for the government to fully control even your own access to your own life.

This is not alarmist thinking, friends, these things are happening. Are you good with the government having that much control? How have they done so far with your trust, and with your money?

We’ve got to stand up to the insanity.
Don’t get too comfortable. Please.