Thursday, May 21, 2015

Your Own North Star

           There is an element of life that, for me, requires awareness, a soberness, if you will, that would enable me to be in a kind of continuing self-analysis.  Not for the purpose of measuring myself against another, but to be able to take accurate inventory concerning my progress in life and my development as a person.  It is important to know where I’m at in my journey.  I believe it is for all of us.
            My own standards are much higher than any that might be imposed upon me by the world at large.  If I set them according to what I feel to be my potential and beyond then I need not give concern to someone else's expectation of me.  It has been a process of adjustment and readjustment throughout my life.  It has become, however, a familiar and relatively comfortable position to take with myself.
            Life does assert it's unequal and prodigious power over me.  Sometimes more profoundly than I even care to admit.  But I am harder on myself than anyone else ever could be.  I also appreciate, more than anyone, the numerous minefields I find myself walking through while at the same time seeking to keep my balance, and my direction.  I do not subscribe to, or waste my energy with, pop psychology or new age soul candy as a solution for anything.  In my view, there can be no greater detriment to genuine spiritual consciousness, self-discovery, or one’s personal equilibrium.  There is, it seems, a new ideology, and a new spirituality coming around every corner of every neighborhood we walk through in life.  There are distractions for each of us, and there are paths for us to be led down that lead only around in circles.   
It is important to not get lost in the maze of your own condition.  It is important to know where you are, to remember who you are, and to know where you stand with yourself.  If your psychic compass cracks there is the North star.  It is the brightest star in the Little Dipper formation, located very near the celestial North Pole.  It is always where it’s supposed to be.  Know where it is.  Do not be lost within yourself, floundering in the dark like a raft on a midnight ocean.  It is perhaps this spiritual disorientation - more than any other in life - that extracts the most costly toll on our psyches, our stability, and our balance.  It cuts to the very core of who, and what, we are.  It causes us to search for ourselves while in a condition of compromised filters and clouded perception.  It leads us through alleyways, and doorways, into which we otherwise might not walk. 
Having accurate bearings is paramount in life.  If you find yourself lost in the dark out on that vast ocean learn to find the North star, your own North star, something about yourself that will always be as it has always been.  
Something solid, something trustworthy, 
something deep within yourself.