Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It Keeps My Head From Exploding

Every so often I need to write just because my head is so full of thoughts that I need to expel them or take the risk of going nuts.  My brain begins to twitch, and my fingers begin to stretch looking for a keyboard to express myself on.  I often don’t understand what it is I have to say until it’s been said.  Then I can look at it and relate it to something that has either been bothering or inspiring me.  But sometimes it is neither.  Sometimes it’s just to satisfy my need to not be tormented.  Kind of like why an addict needs a fix.  It is also a means of circumventing complacency.  For me, writing can often be comparable to stretching my body before a hike so that I don’t pull a hamstring.  I suppose the expression of my thoughts is the mental equivalent of that body stretch. 
Keeps my head from exploding.

When I know that I do have something specific to say I’ll say it the best I can, but it seems my fingers are never really able to keep up with my thoughts.  I’m always a few sentences behind what I’m thinking as I’m racing on the keyboard to not let my thoughts get too far out ahead of my fingers.  When they do I begin to not make any sense.  But many of you already think that of anything I might have to say anyway, so no real worries there. 

I’ll just continue to plow the fallow ground in my head, and you can continue to feel like it doesn’t make any sense. 
Works for all of us,
Don’t ya think?