Friday, April 2, 2010

They Sense Us

After receiving my Census survey, which contains questions that are none of the Governments friggin’ concern, is it any big surprise that the form is supposed to be returned to the “2010 Census Data CAPTURE Center”? What, do they want to know where to find me just in case I happen to disagree with their policies? They’ve asked for my name, and my phone number. My phone number? Why would they need to call me? Are they afraid that maybe I counted the number of persons living at my residence wrong? Or might they just want to chat? They’re not entitled to my name, or my phone number. I am entitled to anonymity. I, personally, am none of the Governments business.

The government is entitled to know how many people live at my residence, and nothing more. Constitutionally, the Census is taken in order to determine how many Representatives each State is to have in the U.S. Congress. It is not intended to determine my ethnicity. The survey states that it needs to know my ethnicity in order for the government to be able to ‘establish bi-lingual education programs’ for people of Hispanic origin. They want to know if I’m “Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish; Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Argentinean, Columbian, Dominican, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, and so on.” They’re not really interested in knowing if I’m French, Greek, Italian, Danish, Swiss, Swedish, Dutch, German, Austrian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Flemish, Czech, Polish, Slovakian, Sorbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, etc. etc. etc. I guess these (mostly) Caucasian immigrants don’t need bi-lingual education programs. They can just make do on their own.
Do you get the feeling that the government is trying to target a certain voting block? Just wondering.

And why is it that they want to know whether or not I rent, or own, have a mortgage, or an outstanding loan, etc? They are not entitled to know that. That’s my business, not theirs. Besides, if they must know, they can already check with the IRS. Like me, do you find it just a little disturbing that the government is so interested in knowing who’s White, and who’s “OF Color? Who’s Poor, and who has Assets?

The Census was never intended to be used by sociologists, economists, and other ‘researchers’ to ‘analyze social and economic trends’; although the government freely admits that it’s used for that purpose. Code, really, for wanting to know which districts to send the entitlement bribes (I mean the ‘stimulus packages’) to. Again, a pretty blatant, and transparent, attempt to ‘stimulate’ the voters in those particular regions.
And their ‘Privacy/Confidentiality’ claim? Well, if you believe that, you might also like the Government to manage your Health Care.

I would never encourage anyone to defy their own Government, unless, of course, their government was dishonest, deceitful, with a Fascist agenda, and attempting to usurp your individual rights; but, personally, I answered ‘2’ to the question about ‘How many people live at your residence’?, and NOYB (None Of Your Business) in response to the rest of the questions.
Do what you think is right.