Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s Really More Simple Than It Seems

Life is never easy, but there is a less complicated way to live, there is a general guide to live by, a means of keeping ones equilibrium in life. It is often the second choice of any given individual, but it is, ultimately, the best choice. It is a tried, true, and historically tested manner of being. It is ancient wisdom, and it is applicable in contemporary life as well. It is not complicated, and it is embraceable by all but the truly self-indulgent. It is for those wishing to live in harmony with consciousness, and for those simply wanting not to stray too far from what they know to be of value and importance. It is a principle that allows the pleasure, and the enjoyment of life, but holds at bay the temptations that call to us like sirens in an enveloping fog. It is a place where honesty trumps deception, and where kindness supercedes self-service. It is a place of self-denial by choice, rather than by imposition. It is where integrity resides, and self-importance falls away like dead skin.

There is satisfaction in the process, and reward in itself. It is an automatic system of checks and balances that does not really need to be checked, or balanced. It is moving in the slipstream, and it is living in the blessing. It is a state of mind, and of practice. It is being comfortable with the intention of one’s life, and uncomfortable with one’s adversarial nature. It is what enables a thankful heart, and perpetuates a sense of gratitude. It incubates faith. It encourages liberty, and provides sanctuary. It allows for the expansion of the soul.

As I said, “Life is never easy, but there is a less complicated way to live.
It’s really more simple than it seems.”

Be IN the world,
but not OF the world.