Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Warning: Don’t read this if idealism creates, and governs, your ideology. It’ll only make you mad.
Idealism used to be the social/political domain of Hollywood, thirteen year-old girls, and fifteen year-old boys. Unfortunately, it has now infected a disproportionate number of actual adults. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the pot we’ve been smoking like tobacco, or the pharmaceuticals we’ve been chewing like candy.

* Obama has pretty much just invalidated our nuclear deterrent by saying that the U.S will not use nuclear weapons, even in self-defense. Isn’t that like putting a sign on the front door of your house that reads, “I have an arsenal of guns in my closet, but come on in, take whatever you want; rape, torture, and murder my family, and, because I want to be perceived as an enlightened man, you have my word that I will not raise a single weapon against you? I will lead by example.”

Oh, and concerning deterrence, when you’ve given someone carte blanche to use a nuclear first-strike against you, hasn’t the concept of ‘not using nuclear weapons, even in self-defense’, really just become a ridiculous oxymoron? Like you’d actually be alive to defend yourself?

I know, if Obama is such a trusting soul, how bout he take a walk through any city in America, or the world for that matter, without the deterrent of his Secret Service protection. I think he’d learn (just a little too late) how important it is to have that deterrent in place.

* Well, Obama promised ‘transparency’, and it is becoming quite ‘apparent’ that his administration is interested not so much in what the people want as they are in what they want for the people. That has become very transparent.

* Have had some time to let this really sink in now, so let me see; after suffering devastating, and debilitating depression, and unwanted, and unwarranted intrusion by the government into his life and finances, the suicidal guy who flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas is, by that same government, branded a terrorist.
But the Muslim psychiatrist, who murdered all those soldiers at Fort Hood, and who acted under the guidance of one of the most extreme Imams in the country today, is labeled a criminal?
I’m not telling you anything you’re not already aware of. I just want to remind you of the profound disinformation policy this administration operates under.

* And now you can’t call a government official a liar, a hypocrite, or refer to them as ‘intellectually dishonest’. That’s pretty good protection ‘progressives’ have designed for themselves. If you can’t call them what they are, God forbid, what can you call them?

* Concerning the Tea Party movement, of which I am not a member; how interesting is it that a grass-roots movement raised up in response to the unbearable tax burden being imposed upon the American people, is being made out to be, by the politicians, and by the media that controls them, a ‘dangerous radical extremist fringe group’?

Protest a liberal Government? Not unless you want to be targeted. As you may have already realized, when liberals protested George Bush, threatened him, disrupted speeches etc., they were referred to as ‘patriots’. But when Tea Party members protest Obama’s policies, well, hmmm, ‘dangerous radical extremist fringe group’? Funny how one’s particular political ideology determines whether or not they actually believe in free speech for somebody else.
In my mind, and in my experience, the Government is a ‘dangerous radical extremist fringe group’.

The Tea Party movement, in case you don’t know, evolved as a result of an unreasonable, and unbearable, tax burden on the American people, and citizens being forced to submit to Taxation without Representation.
Do you really think any of those politicians in Washington actually represent you?
No wonder Washington is afraid of the people.
They ought to be.

* I am also not a member of the Democratic, Republican, Socialist, or Communist Party.
Oh, same Party? Sorry, my bad.

* Free Health Care?
I remember reading a Twitter comment posted by an actual twit, which read, “Yeah, free health care, a helping hand.” And who exactly was given the choice to help you?
Let’s see if I have this right. According to the Health Care bill, they’re going to take (steal) money from everybody who they think has too much, no matter how hard they worked to earn it, and they’re going to give it to all the people who sit on their couch drinking beer all day, smoking their ‘medicine’, anesthetizing themselves with The View, Oprah, Ellen, Tyra, ET, and TMZ? Sounds fair to me.

* And Barney Frank? Lovely. What a piece of work. He gives ‘sleaze’ a bad name.
Do you realize that people actually elected him?

* And speaking of drugs, if you have to take a drug test to work in a warehouse (or wherever), don’tcha think its only fair that we know what chemicals are influencing the thinking, and behavior, of these Congressional imposters?

Just sayin’.

OK, I got all that out of my system.

*But the good news is that There Are Humans Among Us.
I know, because every once in awhile I’ll run across one.