Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mental Chronicles

-Ever notice that tomorrow never gets here, and the present never passes?
I’m sure I’m not the first to make that observation, it just bears repeating.

-Oh, and yesterday never goes away, we just carry it invisibly into the present where it influences every tomorrow.
Actually, this is an observation it wouldn’t hurt for most of us to make a little more frequently.

-If we were more like Willows rather than like Oaks, the winds of ruin would just pass through us, rather than knocking us down. Their strength is in their flexibility.
But then again, a Willow would be a difficult tree to try and climb, or to build a tree house in for your kid. Or to crouch behind if the bad guys were shooting at you.
We need both kinds of trees. And both kinds of people.

-In talking about the political climate of different places to live, I said to someone “I don’t really fit in anywhere politically.” He said “I don’t either, in fact, in the South people think I’m a Communist, and in Marin County people think I’m a Nazi.”
Sounds to me like the sign of a balanced individual.

-I’ve noticed that since this Nancy Pelosi CIA torture thing has come to light that her approval rating has plummeted. What surprises me, however, is that Nancy Pelosi ever had an approval rating to begin with.
I saw an on-line poll that asked “Is Nancy Pelosi a liar?”
Of course, my first thought was, “We need a poll to determine if it gets dark at night?”

-Anybody tired yet of the cliché ‘Going Forward’? Beginning to seem like a convenient, and disingenuous, way of overlooking, and ignoring, the present? And of glossing over how we actually arrived here in the first place?
Or as Nancy Pelosi has said, “Going forward I will have nothing more to say on this matter.”

-Feathers float around, riding on the wind, looking for a momentary place to land.
Kind of like kids in their teens and early twenties.

-Saw a segment on Bay Area TV last night about a new business in Palo Alto exclusively targeting (I mean catering to) children. A day-spa offering manicures, pedicures, facials, hair styling, massage, and full body and spa treatment. It’s intended to accommodate girls specifically, although little boys are quite welcome, individuals or parties, ages two to about eleven. Yes that’s right, I said ‘ages two to eleven’.
Well, it’s about time somebody filled this long overlooked niche. I’ve been concerned that girls were not being sexualized early enough in life, or being groomed in the culture of vanity and self-absorption until maybe twelve, well past their prime.
I’ve also been afraid that boys were going to have to wait until their teens to ‘discover’ their ‘feminine’ side.
Good to see that somebody’s looking out for our kids.

-You’ve all seen and heard the endless commercials for ‘Male Enhancement’ products,
haven’t you? By the sheer volume of them you’d think every male in the country needs enhancing.
Well, I’d have to agree with that in one respect. With the continuing feminization of our men, and our boys (see above), it does seem like what this nation needs more than anything else is some good old-fashioned Male enhancement.
C’mon men, get a grip!

-By my count I’ve posted 140 blogs since beginning this endeavor. I’ve decided to put each one of them on the back of a T-shirt. 140 T-shirts, one blog on each shirt. So, the first 140 people to cover the range of Titles, who send in the name of the one blog they happen to agree with, will get their own custom screened shirt displaying that particular Coyote rambling.
Something for the guy behind you in the unemployment line to read while you’re both waiting for a break.

-I notice that the President just dangled some fresh meat over the crocodile pond.
I mean he just submitted the name of his Supreme Court Justice nominee for confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill.

-I was just wondering if people wonder about whether or not other people are wondering about them.