Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goin' Up To The Mountains

I'll be takeing a little break here for awhile, maybe a couple of weeks.
I'm moving out of the Sonoma Valley up to the mountains, by the rivers and lakes,
the tall pines, just a little closer to heaven. Found some beautiful property, enough to
get lost in on a lazy afternoon, a place for my new puppy to run, a great house, with a great barn, and a beautiful sky hangin' just overhead.

My wife and I will rest there, we'll embrace the beauty of God's creation, we'll find new inspiration, and I'll continue to write and record. Coyote Studio's will be going up the mountain with me.

I may not get around to writing Coyote Tracks while I'm getting moved and settled, but you never know. My novel "Wilderness" continues to be on hold. Been writing it in my head though, and I'll get back to that in a while as well.

So, check in if you like, you may find an occasional posting, but if not, you'll at least know why.
And I'll be back to ya before you know it.