Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Madonna Diatribe

First, let me say this, if I write negatively about someone it is because their self-serving lives have a continuing negative impact on our culture. Or because, after getting rich undermining the values that hold our society together, they now put themselves in the public eye wrapped in a new veil of righteousness. Duplicity is a word that comes to mind.
I write about Madonna not because I dislike her, although I do, but because she’s a malignancy that has infected, and continues to infect, our culture.
You know what I’m talking about.

Funny, how if you or I were caught buying a child from somebody else it would be a felony punishable by imprisonment. But when Madonna buys a little boy, I mean ‘makes a donation’ to build a Caballa Center, I mean a ‘school’ in Africa, she’s given a child in return, and it’s called an ‘adoption’.
Even though, I might add, the boy was not even an orphan.
And now she’s trying to buy a little girl?

Have you noticed how the Madonna’s of the world, who’ve purchased about everything there is on earth to buy, including men, invariably seem to turn their attention to buying children to add to their impressive collections of ethnic art.
Oooh, did I say that?

I see that the young model she’s just purchased, I mean her new boyfriend’s, name is Jesus. But of course, who would’ve expected anything else? Don’t be surprised to see, as her next conquest, Madonna trying to find a way to sleep with the Pope. Might be her most difficult undertaking, however, since the Pope probably doesn’t need the money.

Speaking of Madonna, do you remember the suck-face, lip-locked, tongue wrestling kiss she planted on Brittany Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards? Well, I remember telling my wife at the time that it would be the kiss of death for Brittany. I told her, “Just watch what happens to Brittany now.” Then, along with the rest of you, I watched her life fall apart in public. It was a devastating few years for her, and it has been nothing short of unexpected that she survived the aftermath of that kiss. Now, I don’t know Brittany Spears, but it appears as if she has begun reclaiming her life. And as much as I dislike the images these pop stars project for our sons and daughters, or the self -absorbed egocentric worlds in which they live, I do wish her the best. The odds of Brittany having a good life were pretty well stacked against her by the handlers who produced her early fame and fortune. Brittany was exploited. A girl that age is not even capable of informed consent. Her parents were, but that’s another story. Madonna’s moves, however, every one of them, have been self-calculated from the very beginning to exploit the naivety, and vulnerability of young girls.
And yes, I believe the kiss was intended by Madonna to be a kiss of death. She sucked the remaining breath out of Brittany and used it to resurrect her own salacious career while Brittany was left flopping around like a fish in the gutters of Hollywood. Madonna has always been a psychic vampire, preying upon the vulnerable lives of our daughters.

Oh, and has anyone noticed that, since that kiss, girls and young women have been falling all over themselves to get in sexual relationships with other women? Starting, of course, with a kiss on a dare. It’s become the popular thing to do. Madonna made it cool, and these impressionable, ungrounded, liberated woman wannabe’s have been lining up like sheep to replicate the illusion of cool. Ooh, cutting edge.
It’s Madonna’s Truth or Dare brought home to the mainstream.
Lovely lady.

Madonna is now, and has for sometime, been authoring children’s books, because, y’know, she feels there is no better influence for your kids than the Material Girl herself.
Thank god we’ve got her profound, and innocent wisdom to pass on to the next generation of impressionable children.

Hopefully this diatribe will satisfy the celebrity Jones of my readers so that I can now get back to doing what I do best
. . . . . . . . . observing more sophisticated forms of wildlife.