Monday, January 26, 2015

A Recurring Dream

For many years I have had a recurring dream of crawling slowly down a gradual embankment towards a small lake.  Glistening, calm, breathtaking.  Upon reaching the shoreline on hands and knees, I collapse, lifeless, into about two inches of shallow water.  My body, like dead weight, pins my weakened arms beneath it.  My face drops forward into the suddenly dangerous pond.  My neck will not support the weight of my head.  My arms lack sufficient strength to push my torso upwards, or turn my body over to save my life.  I am frozen, and cannot muster the necessary will to live.  It wouldn't take much.  I drown there in that beautiful secluded pool, and it will most certainly be the site of someone's forthcoming holiday outing.  They say that in your dreams you're not supposed to die.  I say ‘Yeah, but what do they know about my dreams?  They've never even been in them before’.