Friday, February 19, 2010

I Wish Him All The Best

I just finished watching the Tiger apology on TV.
I’m sure many of you saw it as well.

I have been critical of Tiger Woods. He has been a man that I have never respected because of his Diva, arrogant, egocentric behavior on the golf course. I have respected his dedication, and the hard work he devoted to his craft, but I never respected him as a person, or as a man.

Until Now.

I have always felt that people of privilege should hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior, even, than the rest of us, if for no other reason than as an acknowledgment of gratitude for the elevated, and comfortable, position they have been fortunate enough to inhabit. Humility, rather than arrogance, ought to be the coat they choose to wear every day of their lives. It seems that Tiger Woods has finally begun the process of dressing himself in such a coat.

I listened carefully to the things he said this morning, and I watched his body language.
He rang true for me. Not that that matters to anybody, but it matters to me. I would rather see one man find redemption, than see a thousand men find riches and fame. There is no wealth that compares to living honestly with one’s self. I believe that Tiger Woods finally understands that.

I was wrong about him not needing to apologize. We didn't need it, but he did.
I understand that now.

I wish him all the best.