Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mercy Of God

The Mercy of God is not a mystery, unless of course, one does not recognize it as part of life. It is, however, the part that brings balance, it is the part that brings relief, and a sense of reprieve from the struggle.

The Mercy of God is in the morning light, without which the darkness would go on forever. The Mercy of God is in the warmth the light brings with it, that we might not suffer in the cold. The Mercy of God is in the rain following a dry season, and in the rainbow following a storm. The Mercy of God is in the new growth, in gardens, on farms, and in the wild, enabling creatures, great and small, to be free from hunger.

The Mercy of God is in recovery from illness, in reconciliation with someone we love, and in being given another chance at getting things right. It is in forgiveness from our transgressions, and in the affirmation of being loved, despite our seeming unworthiness. It is in the budding hope of a new beginning.

The Mercy of God is the still small voice within us, which guides us through the wilderness, through the depths of despair even, to keep us safe from the unexpected, the unforeseen. And from ourselves.

The Mercy of God is what enables us to wake up in the morning with an expectation of the divine, and to lay our head down at night in peace, with the satisfaction of having been in such valued company.

The Mercy of God is in every breath that we take, exhaling the past, and inhaling the new, filling our lungs with life as they rise. It is in its own design.

It is a salve applied generously, and without expectation,
from the compassionate Hand of God.