Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mental Chronicles 3

-There is no such thing as original thought.
There is only original expression of pre-existing thought.
Some would say that, in itself, constitutes original thought?
But I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that.

-If there is no order in our world then we have learned to live amid the dangerous
and the unpredictable.
Might be good to create a little harmony for ourselves once in awhile.

-If there is no disorder in our world then we have learned to live amid the safe,
and the predictable.
Might be good to create a little chaos for ourselves once in awhile.

-Misread a headline a couple weeks ago. It said “Budget deficit tops One Trillion Dollars
for the first time.”
I mistakenly read it as “Budget deceit tops One Trillion Dollars for the first time.”
But now that I think about it, it seems to me I might have read it right.

-I guess the government/banking/credit card industry has repeated the mortgage debacle they were supposedly trying to rescue us from, but this time with cars instead of houses. Cash for Clunkers, huh? That makes a lot of sense in this economy. Yeah, trade in the old car that is all paid for, get a $4,500 ‘incentive’, and walk out of the dealership with a new car. Oh yeah, and a new loan that you can’t afford.
Sure, that’ll help.
Corporate/Government greed and collusion.

-The time has certainly come for we, the people, to eat the cannibals (the politicians)
who have been feeding on us for so long.
Call it Just Deserts.

-Women’s beach volleyball:
Serve. Set. Spike. Hug.
Repeat. (Sometimes replace hug with pat on the ass).

-Tiger Woods: Roll a little ball into a hole with a stick. Pump fist.
Flex bicep, and inflate entire body. Contort face and roar with manly rage and narcissistic superiority, as if, as the perpetual frontrunner, you’ve just overcome insurmountable odds; and all the adversity in the world.
Repeat on the next hole.
Unless, of course, you don’t happen to win,
then storm away and sulk like a sore loser.

-Watching sports on TV is yoga and meditation for men.
Except it doesn’t require that we admire ourselves while doing it.

-“Weren’t”. Has there ever been a worse sounding word?
Go ahead, say it, “Weren’t”.

-Have you been paying attention to how those who disagree with Obama’s policies are being labeled as racists by many Social and Political leaders, members of Congress even? Someone needs to inform these supposedly enlightened, intellectual pretenders that there is no greater racism than the use of the label to define someone with whom you disagree.
Morally and ethically compromised, all of them.
I hope they choke on their own hypocrisy.

- That ancient western philosopher, Coyocious says,
“Righteousness often exists in one’s willingness to risk the profane,
and self-righteousness is the greatest profanity of all.”

-Ever notice how we don’t really notice much when we’re preoccupied with whether or not we’re being noticed?

-Sometimes I remember things that I thought I’d forgotten, but realize that much of it was stuff that I’d actually discarded, rather than forgotten. Like cleaning out a file cabinet.
There’s just not enough room to keep everything in one head.

-Sometimes when I wonder whether or not I should say something I’ll just go ahead and say it since, more likely than not, it’s just original expression of a pre-existing thought.
Then if anyone is offended by it I can just blame it on whoever put the idea out there in the first place.