Friday, July 3, 2009

The Death Of Our Own Self Respect

Is anybody but me getting just a little sick of all this idolatry of Michael Jackson? When is enough going to be enough? He was not a saint. He did not cure cancer. And he did not change our lives in any way, shape, or form. Let’s get real here, people.
What he did do is legitimize pedophilia (I mean man/child love), denial, and dysfunction. Not to mention setting an example of fraud, duplicity, dishonesty, and deceit for all his young followers to learn from. And they did.

And if memory serves me well (and it does), he also introduced into our terminology, the concept of ‘haters’. It was in response to those who questioned his behavior, and intentions, with children. Consequently, the (now) twenties/early thirties generation has adopted the use of the label to pin on anybody who questions an intention, or behavior, of their own. Never before has there been such a convenient way to dismiss personal responsibility and accountability. Call the questioner a hater, and the issue is over.
Name-calling and labels, rather than changing one’s behavior, or offering an intelligent defense of one’s position. A seventh-graders response to life. How convenient, but, well, let's consider the source.
You even hear the term being used in the halls of Congress by idiots who cannot support their own intentions with anything even resembling facts or logic. But they get their bills passed by calling the other side a bunch of ‘haters’.
The Michael Jackson mentality at work in our own government.

Will somebody please take the time to consider the message we’re sending our children, and grandchildren, when we participate in the deification of a figure such as Mr. Jackson?
If we need to purge our own sins of complicity in his degeneration, and death, why don’t we just go to confession, instead of making him into a martyr, a Christ figure who died for our sins? Never in history has one event shown the depth and breadth of our dysfunction.
Not to mention the death of our own self-respect.

But hey, call me a hater.