Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Astonishing Rebellion

There was a magnificent sunset this morning. Reminded me of some of the early mornings I experienced traveling through Europe many years ago. Austria specifically, and the Swiss Alps. We’re privy to so many spectacular, and miraculous, moments when awake before the dawn; there is an anticipation of the grandeur, with an expectation of brilliance that never disappoints. It is a time of day where there is only a welcoming, there is no conflict, and there is never a discordant note. Goodbye has been reserved for the darkness. There is a newness, there is a hopeful rising from within, there is the graciousness of another harmonious beginning. Life in the early morning becomes like a private screening of your favorite movie; no one else around to distract you from the experience, to diminish, or compromise, its beauty. No congestive sounds, or abrasive dispositions, in the morning. It is an alone time, and it can be shared, but only with those who are inclined to immerse themselves in its magic.

I open my arms and throw them wide around this astonishing rebellion. And it is a rebellion, notable in that it asserts itself without compromise; it separates itself from the darkness, from the imposition of the status quo. It paints its own masterpiece, by its own hand, and accepts its work as absolute, lacking nothing but one’s immersion into its conspicuous generosity.
I linger there in the morning, most mornings,
and I wish it would extend itself deeper into the day.