Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everybody Feeling The Pressure

Everybody feeling the pressure of feeling the pressure these days?

Most of us would be able to live our lives just fine without the constant drum beat of the media, without the 24/7 coverage of the economy, with its politics of fear, emergency, and global catastrophe coming down from on high, but with just enough ‘don’t you worry though, the government is coming to your rescue’ thrown in for good theater. How much of this propagandist disinformation do they think we are willing to take? Does anybody but me want them all to just shut up and go away? The truth is that our government is in bed with the global power brokers, the democratic dictatorships (which we are fast becoming), and the major financial institutions of the world, to subjugate our country to the will of a One-World-Government. C’mon people, we all know that, but we are in such shock, such mass denial, that we refuse to believe it. Does anybody hold our independence in any regard anymore?

Has anyone noticed the diminishment of control of our own futures, or the spoon-feeding of propaganda to each of us as if it were our daily vitamins? It is more than disturbing that many in this country (mostly young people, I’m sad to say) like the idea of being part of this bogus, bullshit, global ‘community’. I’m not talking about a social website community here, I’m talking about an International subjugation of our country. Some have bought the propaganda like children following an ice cream truck on Saturday afternoon in the suburbs. And now they’re going to follow that truck wherever it goes to insure themselves a continuing supply of ice cream.

Remember when we used to make our own decisions, live our own lives, cultivate our own values, and chart our own way? Do you remember those days, the days when government was an afterthought, rather than an all-encompassing force in our daily lives? Do you remember when we’d go weeks, months even, without having a concern about the Federal Government, or the State Government for that matter? The days before it was decided for us that government knows best. The days before government gave itself autonomy over us, control of our lives and future. How, and when, did they become so omnipotent, so omniscient, so self-important, so driven by greed, and the need for notoriety and power? Maybe we should have been paying better attention.
Could it be that, in collusion with the banking (credit card) and mortgage institutions, they encouraged an unsustainable economic condition for all of us in order to create a mass reliance on government, in order to wrest control of our lives from our own hands? Just asking.

If the government can seize corporate businesses, do you really think they’ll stop there? Do you really think they won’t seize your own family business, or fine you heavily, if you hire your own kids, spouse, aunts and uncles, rather than a politically correct quota of ‘ethnically diverse’ workers? Do you really think they won’t tell you how much you must pay those workers? Do you really think they won’t tell you how much water to use, how much power, what kind of food you must eat, what kind of products you can and can’t buy, what you can and cannot build, can and can’t sell, what doctors you may or may not use, what medical procedures you may or may not have done? Do you really think they won’t tell you whether or not you can burn wood to keep warm, or run the fan to keep yourself cool? Do you think they won’t dictate what words you may, and may not say? Oh, they already are? How silly of me. Imagine that, fascism right here in America? Who woulda thunk?

This is only the beginning folks. It hasn’t even scratched the surface. Emasculate the men, keep the women happy with Zoloft and Chablis, the children manageable with Riddelin, indoctrinate them with revisionist history beginning in kindergarten, and feed them a government-sanctioned-worldview ideology. A recipe for effective governmental control if ever there was one. We’re much closer than you might imagine.

And another thing, has anybody noticed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traveling around the world blaming our own country for all the ills of the world, effectively picking up where John Kerry left off after his unsuccessful run for the Presidency, demonizing the U.S. as if we were Nazi Germany, China, or the former Soviet Empire. In fact, in the history of modern civilization the United States has been a greater force for good in the world than the sum total of all other countries combined. We have freed more people from repressive regimes, (including Muslims), taken in more refugees, fed more people, educated more people, offered more medical and other humanitarian assistance, and hope, than anybody, ever. EVER. Who do the countries of the world call on when military protection, or intervention, is needed? Us. That’s U.S. If we withdrew our presence from around the world, the world would fall into social, economic, and political chaos. Countries already existing under repressive regimes would be brutalized beyond imagination by their greed and power-driven dictators. Everybody knows that. And yet our own self-serving politicians continue to diminish our contributions, and subject us to the humiliating self-flagellation that is more characteristic of their own psychosis than of the true nature and character of the American people. Personally, I’m sick and tired of being party to the self-loathing of unscrupulous politicians. These people have had to make so many deals with the devil to get to the elevated positions they have achieved that there is nothing left of their integrity, character, or psyche, but the capacity for self-loathing. Of course it’s all clothed in their own personal ‘goodness’. Saint Hillary (read some books, some actual historical accounts, about Bill and Hillary, other than the ones they made up about themselves).
And sweet talking Barrack, the humble Savior.

Those of you who know me know that I’m not an alarmist, or a conspiracy nut. I don’t live my life that way, but you also know that I do pay attention. Well, I’ve been paying attention folks, and it’s alarming. And it is conspiratorial. And we don’t want to believe it. We have been seduced into first becoming comfortable, and then made to be fearful, and, as our eyes glaze over, we will gladly accept (ultimately with great personal regret) all the government handouts, bailouts and bribes that they are willing to render. Of course they’ll get it all back, and more, with fees, fines, tariffs, confiscations, ownership, penalties and (we won’t call them) taxes? But those handouts will come with an enormous price, my friend. How long do you think it will take before the same government that feeds, clothes, houses, employs, nurses and insures us, actually owns us?

Fortunately, I have faith in young people. I’m holding on to the faith that they will not allow this to continue, that they will find some pride in self-determination, that they will come to understand the importance of our sovereignty, of our independence, our autonomy, even though their ordained, I mean ‘elected’, messiah is at the forefront of this unscrupulous charade.

I’m hoping they will choose independence over fascism, no matter what politically correct rhetoric it is clothed in.
Obama has a lot of good to offer this country. But, concerning his emerging policies, let us be sure to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And, as I’ve always said, “OK now, no more politics”.


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