Monday, September 29, 2008

The Voice Of Reason

I wrote this a long time ago, and read it again this morning. It is posted on the ‘Musings’ page of my website, but for those of you who may not visit that page too often, I decided to post it as a blog as well. We are living in a very unsettled world, in a very unsettled time. Maybe you can find a bit of comfort in these words.

The Voice Of Reason

There’s a place I’ve never been before. I don’t know where it is, or why, but I see it sometimes when I look out over the edge of my own limitation, when I reach beyond my own capacity. In this place I hear the sound of soft breathing, and the laughter of children. I hear the sighs of reconciliation. I hear the joyous weeping of those who have known forgiveness, and of those who have forgiven. I hear the sound of rain washing souls and faces with it’s quiet refrain, with it’s loving wetness, with it’s compassionate intent. I hear the voice of reason.

I hear the chiming of an ancient bell in the distance, and the chirping of a newborn sparrow. I hear gardenia’s breathing, and the whisper of the wind through long corridors of silence. I hear dreams taking shape, and I hear the sound of people talking backwards to gather up the words spoken idly, and carelessly.

In this place I hear kindness, and I hear visitors at the gate. I see a weathered hand reaching for the cinnamon. I see green apples rolling slowly across the kitchen floor, perpetually rolling, like a heart keeps beating. I see a ballerina in the fog, and a crystal decanter on a table in the meadow. I see a tugboat hauling potpourri. I see a candle burning faintly in a window, hanging just askew in the midnight sky.

I hear the warm breath of passion in the cool morning air. I see the reflection of many good intentions in eyes clear and deep,
like in a high alpine lake in winter.

I see family returning. I see friendship quietly emerging.
I see alizarin crimson. I see grace. And I see life.