Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Men Together

Spent the day up on the mountain with one of my sons. Usually living different lives, and sometimes those lives living us, it was good to just be men together, two men who are as different as the lives we lead, but as similar as the dreams we have, the experiences we do share, and the truth we are willing to embrace. He was not only my son today, but his own man as well. I know, and have known, that about him, but it was in the context of this day on the mountain that I was reminded that I could trust him, his judgment, his perspective, and even his leadership, in much the same way he, as a child, had inherently trusted mine.
It’s interesting to see how life turns around on itself.

I think it’s important for all of us to discover who our loved ones are, not through the prism of our own fears or expectations, but through a new glass, one that will magnify and illuminate their individuality, and their uniqueness.
The earth revolves around the sun . . . . . . . . even when we’re sleeping.

On the way down the mountain I talked to my friend Curt on the phone about a particular situation I was feeling some anxiety about. I said to him “put in a word for me with the Big Guy cause I know you’ve got a good connection with him”. He said to me “I don’t know how good of a connection I’ve got with Him, but He’s sure got a good connection with me.”
I trust that about life.