Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let Them Eat Ivy

“I read the news today, oh boy”, as was once stated so eloquently in song by someone more renowned (but not necessarily more profound, I’d like to think) than myself. Not a good news day. Never (lately) a good news day. No matter which side of an issue one happens to be on, the government lackeys (our chosen representatives) continue to be an embarrassment to the folks for whom they work. That would be us! But we’d be fired if we did our jobs the way they do theirs. Bickering, blathering, bloviating, lathering up their constituents and jockeying for position like frat boys waiting for a lap dance. Someone once said, “If the people fear the government they’re living under tyranny. But if the government fears the people the people live in freedom.” I don’t know who said that. Maybe it was me. But I wish I did if I didn’t.

The problem today is that the government does not fear the people. They don’t work for us like they’re supposed to. We work for them. And they work for themselves. We all know that. I’m talking about all parties of government. They do, however, pander to us. They placate us and they screw us over, like laying new blacktop over a perfectly good road. They take our taxes and play poker with the boys. They pad their futures with promises to improve ours. You never hear a politician encourage people to think for themselves, or to improve their own lives. That would breed Independence. That’s a frightening word for politicians. They know elections are nothing more than popularity contests. They’ve been winning them, and learning how to manipulate voters, since the Junior High School class presidential campaign. . . . . . . . or the High School Homecoming King thing. I saw a contestant on a game show recently that didn’t know where Canada is. And I assume she votes! That’s scary. Don’t you think the politicians love that kind of ignorance? That kind of dependence. Feeds right into their ambition.

And now in the Halls of Power we’ve got angry women who could never get elected Homecoming Queen wanting to get
payback for being passed over way back then. They were ugly then (on the inside). They’re even more ugly now (on the inside and the out), talking out of both sides of their mouths, with stretched necks and faces, stretched truth, upturned noses, botox treatments, colligen lips, lypo-suctioned hips, 20 year younger makeovers, with weenie-eating wardrobe consultants, makeup artists, poll takers, and social psychologists writing speeches for them to make them appear confident and self assured. Oh yeah, and lawyers checking every word, of course. What a joke. For most of my life I've supported women in their struggle for equal rights, and for their right to be considered for their intellect, competence and contribution, rather than for their appearance. But it seems, for some, when it gets right down to it, it's the appearance that holds precedence over everything else. And these leaders consider themselves to be examples for young women. At least that's what they claim. I’m embarrassed. And they ought to be, but lack a couple of basic genes for that. The Dignity gene and the Integrity gene. Oh those!

Now don't get upset with me if you've had some face work, or some such thing. I'm talking about our leaders. I'm talking about image. I'm talking about deception. I'm talking about people who will do anything to get elected. Their faces are a reflection of their priorities. I don't care what you do with your own face, body or image. That's your business. You don't pretend to represent me.

Oh yeah, and the men are no better than the women. They just use a better shade of lipstick.

The political mantra? You know it. It goes something like this. “I’m a public servant. I want to work for the repressed, the dispossessed, the rest of those who never had the opportunities I’ve had. I want to give you a better life, with a better tomorrow. And a bigger car. I understand your pain. I know your hopes and dreams. I can bring them to fruition.” Translation: “I want to be famous. I want to have power. And I don’t want to have to get a job. I want to fly on private jets and have it as good as it gets. I want to be on television, be asked for my opinion, given privilege I don’t deserve, money I haven’t earned, and I want to get women I couldn’t attract with a puppy if I wasn’t elected to this elevated position of well known public servant.”
Oh, I’m sorry, did a little cynicism creep in there like a rat into the Capital?
How could that happen?

Ever get the feeling it’s not about us at all? Just about re-election? Ever get that feeling again? And again? And again? Suggestion: If they’ve served more than one term vote them out. If they’ve never had a real job (lawyer is not a real job, but they’re all lawyers) vote them out. Vote for teachers (not professors), vote for laborers, house keepers, soldiers, EMT’s, fire fighters, cowboys and farmers. Send these political scam artists, these social engineers, these white collar parasites, back to finishing school where they belong. Back to the hallowed halls of their own privilege.

Ever look up the definition of politician? I have.
Politician: 1) Somebody who is actively or professionally engaged in politics. 2) A member of a branch of government. 3) Somebody whose main political motive is self-advancement. 4) Somebody who deviously manipulates interrelationships, especially in a workplace.

I’m not making this up.
Let them eat ivy.