Thursday, May 10, 2007


Did some channel surfing last night on the TV.
Lots of talent competition shows to choose from.
Rock Star Supernova/America's Got Talent/
So You Think You Can Dance/America's Top Model.
Jeez, does everything have to be a competition
these days? Does anybody sing a song anymore
cause they like to, or because they enjoy being in a band?
Or just to make someone feel better. What happened to the
pleasure of the art. The satisfaction of the craft. The hope
of being able to make a living doing what you love
without the compulsion to be famous overnight?
Doesn't seem to be a lot of love these days. Just managers
and agents, and dollar signs in the eyes of some
who will sell their own birthright for a buck, and
for the chance to be recognized by all the little girls
at the mall.

They played those Ford commercials the guy who won the
American Idol competition made. They played them
every 5 minutes. They were slammed in my face like wind
from a much expected, but unwelcome hurricane.
The guy hasn't even been an 'Idol' for as long as it takes
to change the channel and he's already busting down my door
trying to sell me something he doesn't even drive. Big surprise!
Do you remember when rock stars held out from selling out
for as long as they could. They eventually would,
but now they sell out even before they break out.
They sign their name on the dotted line
and give away their dignity before they even understand
the concept.

I guess these talent whores and competition junkies just need better idols
for themselves.