Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blogger Etiquette

--> 1. No profanity.
2. No racist or homophobic slurs.
3. No personal attacks on the author or other users.
4. No impersonating real-life public figures, alive or dead.
5. You’re perfectly welcome to be negative or critical while expressing your point of view.  
 But be respectful.

The above rules were presented on a SF Giants baseball blog to ensure proper etiquette/decorum for readers responding to the writers posting.
Inspired by them, here are my rules for ‘Coyote Tracks’.

  1. No insanity.  If you’re insane go follow somebody on Twitter.
  2. No baseless or xenophobic slurs.  If you’re going to slur foreigners first walk a few miles across the Sonoran desert in their shoes.  
  3. No impersonal attacks.  If you’re going to attack me, at least make it personal.  No other kind of attack will have the same impact.
  4. No impersonating fictitious figures.  If you’re going to impersonate a fictitious character, impersonate a politician.  Most of them have begun believing their own fiction.  And everybody else believes they actually used to exist.
  5. You’re perfectly welcome to be positive and non-critical while expressing your point of view.  But disrespect will get you noticed much quicker.