Monday, February 16, 2015

I Prefer A Smile

Ever notice how many women today, and particularly young women,
respond to men now, and to cameras, with an open mouth instead of a smile?
Of course you have, but maybe it has yet to register consciously for you.
Well, it will now.  They open their mouths pretty much on cue,
like baby birds being fed by their mother, or like they’re posing for porn, or something. 
A wide-open mouth has become the standard response for just about any emotion for any situation (humor, joy, excitement, surprise, pleasure, etc.); or to ingratiate oneself with a friend, 
or even a stranger. 
I’ve noticed this trend for about the past five years.  Watch the commercials.  Watch the women on just about any TV program, especially the sit-coms.  Watch the directors directing the women to bend over (so their boobs spill out) and open their mouths.  Watch how women conduct themselves in real-life social situations.
But, of course, we don’t really become the images that the media, and the porn industry, (same difference) bombard us with now, do we?  Of course not!  

The open mouth is, today, what a smile actually used to be. 
And I just want to say that I liked it better when women used to offer a smile rather than a receptacle.    
Sorry, but I’m just reporting what I see.