Sunday, September 2, 2012

Social Protocol

What is this etiquette that calls for one to listen to the interminable rambling of the unconscious?  What is this code of behavior that dictates that the most obnoxious person in the room should have the most floor time?  What is this misdirected show of politeness that allows someone to talk about them self as if they were actually interesting to the other people in the room?  What is this decorum that allows the biggest braggart to get the most attention?
What is this dynamic that causes everybody else to hold their own thoughts and wait for the boor to finish talking (which he/she never seems to do)?

What is this social protocol that usually leaves the most interesting person in the room as invisible as the obnoxious boor is obvious?  What is this restraint that everybody seems to practice when they’ve been taken and held captive by such a rude and insecure narcissist?   

Well, I can only tell you that people become paralyzed by dominance.  People used to stand up, and against, dominance of any shape or form.  It is how, and why, we fought for our independence from England.  But no more.  No, not any more.  Now we cower at the intrusion internally while externally pretending to be interested.  Everyone has become much too afraid, afraid to be thought of as rude, or even worse, insensitive.  Political correctness has not only shaped the politics that are being imposed upon us, but is now also creating the kind of anemic numbness in us that allows governmental dominance over us.

How can we ever again expect to stand up to a repressive, and oppressive, government, or boss even,, when we can no longer even stand up to the interminable rambling of the unconscious and self-possessed blowhard at a dinner party?

Just asking.