Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourteen Suggestions For A Satisfying Life

1.     Be honest with others.
2.     Be honest with yourself.
3.     Do not think more highly of yourself than you do of another.
4.     Do not think less of yourself than you do of someone else.
5.     Learn to compromise with others.
6.     Do not compromise yourself in order to fit in, otherwise you’ll find yourself fitting in with people you have no respect for.
7.     Treat others with respect whether you have respect for them or not.  
8.     Do not demand respect from others, but require it.  Have self-respect, otherwise that respect will be elusive. 
9.     Memorize, and learn to say and mean these five simple words.  ”Y’know, you may be right.”
10.  Do not expect others to live up to your standards, but require it of yourself.
11.  Do not lower your standards in order to live up to them.
12.  Do something with your life that you love.
13.  Give of your time, your talent, and your resources when and where you can.
14.  Embrace faith in God, but do not suffocate yourself in its company.

This is not a difficult list to embrace.  The honesty part is the hardest if you are not used to being honest.  It took a lifetime for deceit and disingenuousness to become so thoroughly rooted in your life, but once you decide to actually be honest it becomes second nature.  Like breathing, you won’t need to even think about it.