Friday, January 1, 2010

My Continuing New Years Revolutions: 2010

This is a personal inventory of the New Years Revolutions I made for 2009.
I’ve graded myself to see where I stand. To my way of thinking, there’s no reason to make new revolutions
as long as I can keep making excuses for not keeping
the ones that I’ve already made.

#1. Stop writing.
I’ve learned that whenever I write something I will undoubtedly offend someone. It is not possible to have an opinion in today’s world without crashing somebody’s PC party.
And reaching a conclusion about something is even more discouraged. Implies malice of forethought. I have to keep reminding myself, “don’t think, just be quiet and do my yoga”.

** Well, I didn’t do so well at this one since I’m still writing, I’m still thinking,
and I haven’t even started doing my yoga.
Grade: F

#2. Keep my opinions to myself.
After all, everybody has a right to they’re own confusion. . . .
I mean conclusion.

** I have to say “I’ve become a little less opinionated this year,
but you’d never know it because I’ve kept fewer of those opinions to myself.”
Grade: D-

#3. Listen to others.
It’s been said that “people don’t listen, they just wait to talk.”
OK, I’m listening, but the silence is deafening.

** I thought I’d been listening to others better this year,
but since I can’t remember anything anybody actually said,
maybe I wasn’t really listening after all.
Grade: D

#4. Trust our leaders.
Oh wait, I already tried that. Bad idea. Never mind.

** Well, I failed at the “Trust our Leaders” part,
But I did good on the “Never mind” part.
Grade: C-

#5. Trust myself.
But if I were the incumbent I’d vote myself out.

** If I knew who I was it would be easier for me to ‘Trust myself’,
but I don’t, so I decided to trust you to trust me instead.
Grade: C

#6. Allow people their own reality. Don’t expect them to share mine.
People are fond of saying “Perception is reality”, but actually, I think reality is reality.
We tailor our perception to make it fit our own pre-conceptions.
Damn, there I go again.

** Well, I allowed people to have their own perceptions, and consequently,
their own realities, but look at the world now.
I’ll never do that again.
Grade: C+

#7. Have a good look in the mirror.

** On second thought, if I were me, which I’m not, I wouldn’t advise that.
I had a good look in the mirror, and decided I just need a better mirror.
Grade: B-

#8. Stop trying to change the world.

Consider for a moment that the world might be perfectly content
drowning in violence, greed, hatred and deceit.
Just enjoy a good DVD and don’t worry about it.

** I have stopped trying to change the world.
Now I just try and remember to change my socks.
Grade: B

#9. Make more ice cubes.

With global warming breathing down our necks like a dragon, you can never store up too many ice cubes for the future. Get more freezers if you need to.

** I have ten acres covered in snow and ice.
if you were, as of yet, unable to make your own ice,
you’d be welcome to have some of mine.
Grade: B+

#10. Never take your own advice.

** Why would I even think of doing that?
Grade: A


I don’t think most people really want to make changes.
I think they just want to make resolutions.
I think that those who want to make changes just make them.
They don’t wait for New Years Eve.