Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fear Of Our Own Defense

Our relationship to the idea of guns, and gun ownership is shaped, at least partially, by the stories the media chooses to disseminate. If a man with mental problems shoots his wife and children anywhere in the U.S., or a disgruntled worker, or student, shoots up a job site, or school, it ends up on the front page of every paper, and is a headline on every Internet News site. And in the aftermath of such an occurrence it is always the same, a renewed push for the elimination of gun ownership among private citizens, as if the men would not have obtained guns illegally to harm their families, co-workers, or fellow students.
The hard facts of these situations are that, had someone else in the workplace, or school had a gun, the loss of life would have been minimized, or even eliminated. And if the prospective shooter knew that many of his fellow students, or co-workers, carried guns he would probably not have put himself in the situation to begin with. As our culture has become a ‘Gun Free Zone’ for good guys, any idiot can surmise that if he wants to do someone harm, he can feel fairly assured that his would be the only gun on the scene.

A host of news reports about a school shooting in which several students were killed decried the fact that the killer used a gun, but made no mention of the fact that an off-duty policeman in the vicinity of the school, hearing the shooting, ran a hundred yards to the campus and killed the assailant before he was able to take the lives of even more students. No one on that campus, including campus security, carried a gun. I said, “No one on that campus, including campus SECURITY carried a gun.” Essentially, they were all victims. The off duty cop was a hero, he saved many lives with his bravery and quick response, but in the vast majority of major news outlets there was virtually no mention of him having come to the aid of the campus. Why do you suppose?
Well, let me take a guess. Because it demonstrated, in quite a dramatic fashion, the importance of citizens being able to protect themselves, and others, from the actions of a demented few? Prior to the off-duty cop’s arrival on the scene, everyone on that campus was at the mercy of one deranged individual. The only reason we ever heard about this cop is that he and his family began speaking out about the importance of law-abiding citizens being able to protect themselves. It was reported as a minor detail in the initial story in the local paper, and was intentionally overlooked in the national media.

For every sensational shooting there are a thousand instances of people having been protected, or saved, by a gun owner. You will never hear about those people. It just does not suit the agenda of those wishing for you to remain powerless, subservient, and dependent upon them for (the illusion of) your safety. It is much more newsworthy (sensational) to read about an individual getting murdered by a handgun, than it is to read about someone preventing a murder, a robbery, or an assault, with a handgun.

You may be opposed to private citizens carrying guns, because that’s what you’ve been conditioned to think, but if someone walked into your office and started shooting up the place, you’d kiss the shoes of the guy who pulled a weapon out of his desk drawer and stopped the carnage before it got around to you. Where the rubber meets the road, that’s how we know what we really believe, regardless of what we may profess. The rest is just psycho-babble.

All these wealthy ‘progressive’ politicians, and social engineering phonies who want to take your rights and leave you unprotected? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret; they own guns. That’s right, folks; they own guns. They’ve got one in every desk and on every night stand in their house. The Dianne Feinstein’s and Barbara Boxer’s of the world? Politicians who not only support, but push, agendas to disallow your ownership of guns? Well, what a surprise, they just happen to be registered gun owners. They understand the importance of self-protection. They just don’t want you to have the same rights they do. Imagine that, politicians practicing a double standard. Who would’ve thought? I’m not making this up. Check it for yourself, it’s on record. Are their lives any more important than yours?
Gavin Newsome, the mayor of San Francisco, the guy who tried to make San Francisco a ‘gun-free zone’, do you actually think he doesn’t own one? Several? He’s not an idiot. He knows that the guy that breaks into his house is going to have a gun, and he knows he better have one too. Is his life any more important than yours?

And we wonder why the bad guys dominate our society like they do.
We wonder why we feel so powerless.
It’s like if we chose to surrender our nuclear weapons, but China, North Korea, and the Russians, got to keep theirs.
How well do you think that would work out for us?