Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Little Ones

The little ones, they remain with us. The not yet fully formed who have had an incomplete entry into this formidable world. They do not cease to exist as one who may not be paying attention might imagine. They exist along with the rest of those of us who made it safely. Whether they be under-developed, injured in their formative stages, forcibly taken from the comfort of the womb, or inadvertently neglected by their spiritual caretakers, they join hands with the soulful, to lend purity and balance to an enigmatic world. These saints of God have eternal substance, and they have purpose. They have a place in our lives, and they have a position at our table. They will always be with us, no matter what. They will not be forgotten by the men and women who see beyond the temporal, the physical, and the immediate. They will never be forgotten. These little ones have names, names they may have not, as of yet, been given. But they remain among us, unsullied by the concerns of pain, discomfort, anxiety, fear and discouragement that the rest of us continue to wrestle with throughout our lives. They are to be embraced each day as one would embrace the visible. Absent of body is not absent of life. It is never absent of life. I believe that God inhabits our lives through these emerging souls, the young angels, the quiet conscience of humanity, set free to teach wisdom to the wise, to give peace to the unsettled, to bring love to those of us who struggle with our own constraints in the matter.
If we will only listen.

And set another place at the table.