Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Years Revolutions

1. Stop writing.
I’ve learned that whenever I write something I will undoubtedly offend someone. It is not possible to have an opinion in today’s world without crashing somebody’s PC party. See what I mean?
And reaching a conclusion about something is even more discouraged. Implies malice of forethought.
I have to keep reminding myself, “don’t think, just be quiet and do my yoga”.

2. Keep my opinions to myself.
After all, everybody has a right to they’re own confusion. . . .
I mean conclusion.

3. Listen to others.
It’s been said that “people don’t listen, they just wait to talk.”
OK, I’m listening, but the silence is deafening.

4. Trust our leaders.
Oh wait, I already tried that. Bad idea. Never mind.

5. Trust myself.
But if I were the incumbent I’d vote myself out.

6. Allow people their own reality. Don’t expect them to share mine.
People are fond of saying “perception is reality”, but actually, I think reality is reality.
We tailor our perception to make it fit our own pre-conceptions.
Shit, there I go again.

7. Have a good look in the mirror.
On second thought, if I were me, which I’m not, I wouldn’t advise that.

8. Stop trying to change the world.
Consider for a moment that the world might be perfectly content drowning in violence, greed, hatred and deceit.
Just enjoy a good DVD and don’t worry about it.

9. Make more ice cubes.
With global warming breathing down our necks like a dragon, you can never store up too many ice cubes for the future.
Get more freezers if you need to.

10. Never take your own advice.